The Amish Baker’s Rival

The Amish Baker’s Rival was a Publishers Weekly Bestseller. Amish baker Mary Brenneman is furious when handsome Englischer Noah Miller opens up a bakery right across from hers. Now she must win a local baking contest just to stay in business—and beat know-it-all Noah. But somewhere along the way, Noah and Mary’s kitchen wars are quickly warming into something more… When a crisis hits Mary’s bakery, will Noah take advantage of the situation or help her out?

Released January 1, 2021.

The Amish Marriage Bargain

Released Dec. 17, 2019
Available for purchase: Amazon

The Amish Marriage Bargain was a Publishers Weekly Bestseller. She’ll do anything for her niece…Even marry the man who broke her heart. After her sister death, May Bender settles in to take care of her sister’s baby. But in order to live there, the bishop insists that she marry her widowed brother-in-law, Thad Hochstedler— the beau who jilted her to wed her sister. Can a marriage bargain convince May to risk her heart long enough to learn the real reason for Thad’s first marriage…and possibly rediscover their love? Available for purchase.

The Amish Baker

A child brings them together… Will their differing Amish beliefs pull them apart?

Released February 2019

The Amish Baker was a Publishers Weekly Bestseller. When his son breaks one of baker Sarah Gingerich’s prized possessions, widower Caleb Brenneman insists the boy make amends by doing odd jobs in her bake shop. A childless widow, Sarah can’t help falling for the boy…or his farmer father. But Caleb is progressive New Order Amish while Sarah holds traditional beliefs. Though they’re worlds apart, are they a perfect match?

In The Amish Baker, Sarah, who is Old Order, and Caleb, who belongs to the New Order, struggle with what their church Ordnung requires and what their hearts want.